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took him home with a search warrant," Mr Martin said. "Then yesterday they arrived at his place and arrested him, so he hasn fled." The court heard Sleba family owned a successful farm and trucking business which collectively turned over between $7 million and $8 million a year. Present in the courtroom were his brothers and father, who offered $5000 surety if Sleba failed to meet his bail conditions. Sleba had four full time employees and two full time truck drivers working for him. His family had been in the Kingsthorpe area for 75 years. Magistrate Kay Ryan accepted the $5000 surety and awarded Sleba bail on the condition he would report to Toowoomba police every Saturday until his next court appearance. He is due to face court in Warwick on October 8 for a committal call over. The 61 year old victim was a renowned veterinarian, a husband, an avid cyclist and an associate professor at the University of Southern Queensland Gatton campus. EARLIER BREAKING: The truck driver
hills nicknamed "Twin Peaks" is as striking as it is scientifically important. Pathfinder’s lander used its optical instrumentation to measure the dusty particles the setting sunlight was passing through, boosting our understanding of the Martian atmosphere. ANALYSIS: The First (Ever) Rover Tracks on MarsNASA’s Mars rover Spirit captured probably one of the linval joseph 3xl jersey most famous scenes to ever come from Mars. With a bluish inverted triangle of light emanating from a setting sun, giving way to a brownish sky, this view across Gusev Crater captivated the world. The image was captured on the 489th sol after landing on the Red Planet in January 2004. Spirit, along with sister rover Opportunity, had a prime mission of only 3 months. When Spirit photographed this dreamy scene it was already operating a year longer than intended. The rover would continue to explore Gusev Crater until it became stuck in a sand trap in 2009. NASA lost contact with the stranded robot and officially ended its epic


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