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Is enough being done to stop BC gang expansion

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) A local expert doesn think enough is being done to make sure kids aren getting sucked into the gang scene. It comes after another deadly shooting Monday night in Vancouver.

ones that are already
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Tasmania travel and accommodation at the Tasman Peninsula near Hobart

The Tasman Peninsula’s dramatic environment created the ideal natural prison for Port Arthur’s convicts. 300 metre high sea cliffs, deep ocean and thick forests made escape an almost impossible prospect.

The only land passage north from Port Arthur was found at Eaglehawk Neck, a narrow strip of land flanked by ocean and

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Computers drive the 21st century economy, so a Computer Systems Technician Software Engineering diploma is exceptionally marketable especially if you earn it at Sheridan. Graduates of our Computer Systems Technician program possess practical, workplace ready software engineering skills that translate directly to the workplace. All lecture notes and

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Coach Julien Blanc Banned From UK

Self described pick up artist Julien
cheap ray bans Blanc won be picking up women in the United Kingdom anytime soon. The country has barred him from entering. in February for a series of seminars with his company Real Social Dynamics where he teaches men how to pick up and take home women. The petition reads: "To allow this man into the UK legitimise

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Steely Dan Performs Loose

Steely Dan Performs
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August 09, 2009By KENNETH PARTRIDGE; Special to The Courant

Live, even more so than on record, Steely Dan principals Walter Becker and Donald Fagen enjoy something many of the characters in their songs can only dream of: complete control.

Whether singing of the

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The 6 Most Cynical Exploitations of Romantic Love in History

Every year, we hear too cool cynics deride Valentine’s Day as a holiday invented by greeting card companies that cynically exploit romantic love for profit.

But we say, so what? Society has been exploiting romantic love since the day it was invented. Particularly crass examples include .

Imagine you’re a woman, if you’re not already one, and let’s imagine you’re out for dinner with your boyfriend

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5 Classic Cartoons They Don’t Want You To See

Who doesn’t love cartoons? The Man, that’s who.

They insist on editing away those wonderful animated moments of horrifying violence, profanity and outright bigotry that cartoons from all eras like to slip in from time to time. Typically they only get to slip it in once before parents and advertisers drop the hammer and get the episode pulled forever.

Donald Duck was basically the anti Mickey Mouse. For his time,

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Province making reporting of C

discount Michael Kors The province has added C. difficile and I share their concerns," said Health and Wellness Minister Maureen MacDonald. "This will give us more information about how often and where C. difficile infections are occurring. By requiring reporting of this disease as soon as it occurs, we will be able to respond to outb

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What Happened To MIFARE And Wiegand’s RFID ID Cards

MIFARE is a smart card technology with 13.56 MHz memory card on which chip data can be encoded by appropriate device like a card printer. It has a short read range and originally developed for handling public transportation payment transactions. This card was used for public transportation networks in Asia, Europe and the US. Later, this concept was applied to building access and so as an HID access card.


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the threat of
oakleys sunglasses punishment does not deter children from lying. Children who are punished for lying just become better liars. She has also found that, many parents will not punish the child for lying about their misbehavior but only for the original transgression. So the child never actually gets in trouble for lying. This