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you folded the triangle shapes up. Now you can hold this with one finger on a hand while you flick it with another hand and play!. In this tutorial, we learn how to make a paper football. First, take a piece of copy paper and fold 1/3 of the paper and crease it. Next, do this again until you Kid Matt Moulson Jersey reach the top of the paper, you should have three folds in total. Next, fold one side into a triangle shape, and then keep folding in until you get to the bottom of the paper. Once you reach the bottom, fold the excess paper into the pouch that you Youth Zemgus Girgensons Jersey created when folding the triangle in. You will end up with a triangle shape. Now, you can hold the paper up with one finger, and flick it with the other to create a fun paper football that. In this video we learn how to fold a very simple paper football. First, take a piece of paper and cut out a strip from it or fold it into a strip. After this, fold a triangle in the strip of paper. Once you have this, fold up to create another triangle and keep folding


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